5-Step Nightly Ritual

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With everything that is going on around us, finding time to relax and unwind can be tricky. Over here at Wild Seeds HQ, we have curated a 5-step night-time ritual for you to achieve gorgeous skin that glows naturally, but more importantly, real moments for you to be kind to yourself and intentional.

Here are some top tips that I try to do in the evening and before bed to ensure I drift off to sleep feeling relaxed, calm and also ready for the following day.

When it comes to settling down for the night, it is important to get into good sleeping habits. Your body’s temperature decreases whilst you are sleeping, “and a cool, but not cold, room will help you settle into and maintain sleep throughout the night.” (Healthline,2019)

Who doesn’t like to feel they are in a spa, even when they are at home? I am big on aromatherapy and the use of diffusers and oil burners. I often light a candle when I am in the bath as it helps me to unwind. “As candles are typically used in calming situations, the sight of the small flickering flame sends signals to our brains which tells our body to relax.” (scentered.com, 2019) 

This goes without saying, taking a step back to just breath is important. Whether that is coming off social media, reducing the time you spend on social media or practising meditation, whatever you feel you need to do, it is important to do it. I get into a bad habit of checking Instagram first thing when I wake up so I have been trying to change that by putting a limit on my phone. With the app limit, you can customise how long you want to spend on a particular app and when you reach the time limit, it will automatically cut you out from that app until the time you set to active again. This is a great way to decrease your screen time as we all know, too much screen time is damaging to our eyes.

 Hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

To your wellbeing, 

Natasha from the Wild Seed team

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