I think adopting a consistent attitude of gratitude is something that we all know that we should be doing, but often don’t, or at least not enough. As the year is coming to an end it is inevitable that we go into evaluation mode, which in more cases than not, entails harsh scrutiny of all the things we didn’t achieve. This year, however, I want to do things differently, instead of focusing on what is missing I want to be thankful for what is not. As the well-known song goes, count your blessings, name them one by one, then it will surprise you what the Lord has done. Now whether you’re religious/spiritual or not, I believe we can all agree that when thinking about each thing we have to be grateful for our outlook inevitably begins to change, focusing on good feels good. It is important to note, that I am not saying all this to dismiss the fact that this year may have been hard, maybe even the worst so far, but the fact that you’re still here, still surviving is just another thing to be grateful for. I encourage you to write down the ‘wins’ you’ve had this year, all of them, the big ones and small ones and then celebrate them, celebrate yourself.

So, if no one has told you or maybe you need a reminder, I am grateful for YOU. I happy that you’re still here, still trying. You are not a burden but a gift. I am proud of your progress, I am proud of where and who you are right now. Even if you didn’t get anything done on your ‘to do list’ I am proud of you for even having one and recognising that it’s not too late to start again. I want to remind you to trust the timing of your life, you are blooming at your own pace and that is okay. Please remember not to become so consumed with getting to the destination (the place you think you should be) that you forget to be grateful for the journey (the place where you are).

Let’s take this time, as the year is coming to an end to not only be grateful for what we have done but to remind all our loved ones that we are grateful for them, we are thankful for their presence, their support and love. So call, message, visit someone, just find a way to tell them, thank you.

Love and light.

Written by Sarah Aluko

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Self-Care takes practice.

~Sarah Aluko