Building yourself up and getting back to feeling you

“After the rain, joy will find you. Every storm has taught you the power of growth- don’t give up on yourself. “  -Alex Elle

This past year has been very difficult for a lot of people, being in lockdown for several months without seeing loved ones, feeling isolated and unmotivated, adjusting to the new normal of face coverings on top of navigating everyday life, and the uncertainty of what tomorrow will bring. It’s tough, and we get it! We feel it too.

We all go through things and we all feel as though we have hit rock bottom at some point. I believe you have to get to that place to be shown a different path. Although it is painful, you have to experience it in order to not experience it again. Then next time, you will know how to do things differently and what not to do.

Hitting rock bottom, some would call an awakening and it's important to acknowledge it and to act on it.

 Steps to help build yourself up and get back to feeling you again.

  • You’re responsible for your own life, only you can change how you are feeling.
  • Remember that is it ok to feel down from time to time, we are human, with emotions! Don’t suppress your emotions.
  • Men, Black men in particular, please let your emotions out. Feel pain, anger, grievance and follow what comes natural... Cry!
  • There’s always light at the end of the rainbow, know this shall pass and it’s only temporary. How you are feeling is only temporary. It can be fixed!
  • Trust in change! Some people do not like change but trust that change has to happen in order to grow.
  • Read the signs and note down the ones you ignored.
  • Take more time for yourself, you too fellas!


The Wild Seed Team

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Self-Care takes practice.

~Sarah Aluko