DIY Lavender Sachet

To help you get a better sleep! 

This is the oldest trick in the book and I remember my grandmother telling me this when I was a child but lavender really does help sooth and relax you for a better night’s sleep. It proves to be a natural remedy for a range of things, from sleeplessness and anxiety to depression and mood disturbances.

With winter right around the corner, why not make yourself a little lavender bag to pop under your pillow for that well deserved rest!


Here’s how you can do it…

1. Get yourself a small handful of dried lavender, if you’re fortunate enough to have some in your garden, pick a few stems and tie a rubber band around them and leave hanging upside down for a few weeks until they are dry and brittle. You will know when they are done as the colour will change from bright purple to a dark grey colour.


      1.1 Alternatively, you can buy already dried lavender which will save you time!


2. Now you have the goods, you need to find the bags to put them in. You can use any linen draw string bag or, what I use is organza bags. I find these work better as the scent is more intense, but its all down to personal preference. Both will work fine.


3. Get your dried lavender and pop a handful inside the bag, or however much to fill the bag. Pull the drawstring tightly and I like to tie a knot in the top ensuring no little pieces of lavender will escape.


4. Decorate to your hearts content. You can be fancy and add a lavender stem to the outer bag for decoration, particularly pretty if you’re gifting your bags or if you’re having as table decoration. Similarly, you can add some ribbon or a bow as well. It is all up to you.


Once decorated, you can pop your bag under your pillow and start counting sheep! Fun, easy and cost effective.

Let us know if you’ve tried creating a lavender bag, (you can even send us a picture) and we will share on our Instagram.


Sleep well….zzzzz




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