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If you’re ever on Etsy or Pinterest, you’ve almost defiantly come across Macrame one way or another. The origin of Macrame comes from Arab weavers during the 13th century who would use decorative knots to complete the ends of textiles. In China, they would use this style as wall hangings in ceremonies, which today, wall displays, alongside plant hangers is one of the most popular creations of Macrame.

I have recently started incorporating more plants into my home and wanted to find new and creative ways to display them. Plant hangers are great if, like me, you have a small living space and want to utilise this as much as possible. Macrame hangers are super easy and affordable to make and add a little decorativeness into your space. 



I came across Double Rainbow Design  (Whitney Elliott) on Instagram and have been a little obsessed with her works ever since. She shares videos, like the one below, for beginners that want to get into Macrame. Have a watch and be sure to check her out on Etsy too. 


For a little inspiration, we have created a board over on our Pinterest with some DIY Macrame ideas. Check it out HERE

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