The Art Of Black Hairstyles

For the culture. 


There are many reasons why we should love our Natural Hair, but the main one is how versatile it can be. As Black Men and Women, we have the option to go from protective styles such as braids or twists to wearing it in its natural state and adorning it in a regal headwrap.

Being of mixed heritage, I never really understood the importance of my hair until I was in my teenage years and early adulthood. The intricacies of how each day differed, if I fancied having curly pink hair, I could do it. I always viewed my hair as something that was just on my head without fully understanding the history and culture that is rooted within.

Last year I decided to go for the ‘Big chop’ as some would say and this symbolised a fresh new beginning for me. A new start into my healthy hair journey! I wanted to learn more about my hair and understand its curl pattern and what it actually needs to grow and flourish. I'd spent many years trying to change it to conform to western standards without realising I was simply stripping away a part of myself, my culture.

Since I big chopped, I've been wearing my hair in its natural state and each day I am learning how to care for it. Swapping shop bought products that contain harsh chemicals to homemade organic products like our WSB Whipped Butters... Yes! it's multi-purpose!!

If you haven’t already seen on Pinterest, we have created a board dedicated to the art of hairstyles which includes tips on how to keep your hair healthy as well as styles for inspiration. If you recreate any styles from the board, please tag us on Instagram as we would love to see your creation. You can find a link to our Pinterest board HERE.


Keep glowing tribe!


The Wild Seed Team 🌿

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Self-Care takes practice.

~Sarah Aluko