How to get visible results from day one!


A good quality face mask should give you visible results from the first use.

This goes without saying, if you use a good quality face mask once or twice a week alongside your facial ritual, you will see good results. Face masks dive deep into the pores removing oil and dirt build-up and detoxing the skin alongside your regular everyday cleansers. They make your skin feel soft, smooth, tone & detoxified.

Our Green Smoothie Clay Mask is packed with natural ingredients that nourish the skin. It has a luxurious blend of clay, fruit extracts & enzymes which helps to detoxify and exfoliate to clear blemishes. The vitamins and minerals in our mask deeply nourish skin cells, reduces pore size, tones, firms and balances all skin types. 



Wanna jot this down? 

🌿Clay masks are only effective while activated/hydrated, that means the moment your mask dries, it’s no longer working.⁣


🌿To get the best out of your masking rituals, your mix should be the consistency of yoghurt. Anything thinner will dry too quickly and anything thicker will be harder to apply evenly. ⁣

🌿Do not allow your mask to completely dry out before washing. Allowing it to sit dry for a prolonged amount of time can cause dryness. ⁣

🌿For a more luxurious masking ritual, add a few drops of your favourite facial serum, Rānā. This also helps to keep the mask from drying quickly. ⁣

🌿For a more even application and satisfying session, apply your mask with a brush rather than your fingers.⁣

🌿Did you know that you can fully customise your asking ritual to meet your skin’s current needs? Aside from good ol’ H2O, you can activate your mask with a variety of things. From herbal teas, agave nectar, avocado right down to rice water and more! ⁣


Happy masking!  

From us at Wild Seed HQ  





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